Motivation for new schedule: The final exam is the Saturday following Week 10 and many engineering classes have projects form 8th - 10th week. With the old schedule, the Hardin and Ethical Case study is shifted back by a week. This gives them about 2 weeks to push out a group paper while working on projects for other classes. With the modified schedule, they will get about 3 weeks to work on the Group Project. This site is meant to serve as an alternative to the standard Engineering 183EW schedule.

TA Schedule:Using the sidebar, you can see the details of what I do from week to week.

Herrick’s Modified 183EW Schedule - Student Version


Assignments Due


Week 1



Week 2

1st Draft Hardin

20% of Total Hardin

Week 3

Return Draft, Peer Response

Last hour for in-class office hour

Week 4

Final Draft Hardin


Week 5


1st Draft Ethical Case Study

Loose Deadline.*

Week 6

Return Draft, Peer Response**

Last hour for in-class office hour

Week 7

Final Draft Ethical Case Study

Loose Deadline**

Week 8

1st Draft of Group Report – Individual Sections  (Optional)

Outline (table of contents) of entire report

Not graded. Make sure that they have something either electronically or paper copy.

Week 9

Return Draft,

Show TA draft of Whole Report

Check revised Table of contents to observe structure of entire paper

Week 10

Oral Presentations

Have lots of office hour if they want to come by for final touches on Group Report.


Monday 5pm. Group paper Due.****


*Loose Deadline – Since there are midterms that week, I made it a loose deadline. My discussions are on Thursday. I rewarded those we gave it to me on Thursday by making the draft worth 10% instead. Friday would be 25% and following Monday would be 35%.

** If too many people aim for the late deadline, I shift the peer response to the week after.

**Many of my students had 2nd round of midterms around this time as well. Also, 183EW may fall on Week 6 occasionally. So if they turned the final draft in on Thursday I would reward them by subtracting 10% of the weighting off their drafts. 5% for Friday. No reward for Monday. Example: If they turned draft in on Monday (35%), and Final Draft on Thursday (-10%), I would count the rough draft as 25%. If they turned both in early, all the weight would be on their final drafts. (With this in mind, I tend to grade harshly on their first drafts. So they come see me in office hours more often)

****Everything in Green is not required. But I do it as a reward for putting up with modified schedule.


Week 1

Week 1

Total Time: 2hr 50min

1) Introduce Class Structure/Schedule/Syllabus - 15 min

Go over syllabus. Schedule listed on the homepage.

2) Hardin Pop Quiz - 15min

This forces them to read before hand.

3) Create Groups - 10min

Separate the Groups into teams by topic. Balance the teams out so that they have between 4-6 people per group.

3) Hardin Summary Exercise- 1hr

Split the essay into parts and let each group tackle a section of the Hardin article. Have each team summarize their sections and present it to the class. Here the TA can reinforce the ideas of "commons", "individual interest", "collective interest", "nontechnical vs. technical solutions", "mutal coercion", "temperance", etc. Have them fix up their summaries and email them to you. The TA then combines these summaries and sends the combined summary to the class via email.

4) Explain Hardin Prompt - 15minutes

Explain and clarify the Hardin Prompt for the students.

I usually use Prof. Weltman's speed limit example to motivate the assignment. More specifically, if the current speed limit were to be reduced to 25 mi/hr, thousands of lives would be spared in car accidents. You can ask them what the commons is in this case. Also, it is a good example to illustrate conflict between the need to drive fast and saving lives (invidual vs. collective interest). Technical solutions could be creating safe transportation that can travel at higher speeds. Nontechnical solutions could be the laws lowering the speed limit.

5) Hardin Problem Statement- 20minutes

Using the slides, you can explain what a Problem Statement is and how it can be applied in terms of this essay.

6) Survival Game- 35minutes

Due Next Week: 1st Draft of Hardin Essay


Week 2

Week 2

Total Time: 2hr 50min

1) Brainstorming/Problem Statement Activity - 15min

Go over the Problem Statement Activity (created by Kyle Dorman). Ideally this will be done 1st week, but lack of time requires that it be done this week.

2) Peer Response - 40min

Use 5 minutes to explain how to proceed with Hardin Peer Response.

3) Library Presentation - 2hr

Collect: 1st Draft of Hardin Essay

Due Next Week: Bibliography Assignment.

Typically Professor Browne would ask them to do the Library Assignment in the Survival Guide. I assign something else.

After going to the library, I ask them to go home and find 20 sources related to their group project topics.

a) It must be in bibliography format as dictated in the Survival Guide

b) Each source must have 1-2 sentence description. (E.g. "Site describes ethical issues on stem cell research")

Week 3

Week 3

Total Time: 2hr 50min

1) Return Drafts/Go Over Common Mistakes - 15min

Return the drafts to them. Go over common mistakes. Reinforce ideas of Problem Statements and Topic sentences. I tell my students that the grades that they receive is the grades that they will receive if they make the minimal changes. Make sure to tell them that their final drafts can receive lower grades depending on their changes. It motivates them into seeing you in office hours. (It may seem harsh, but I have had students give worse final drafts.)

2) Citation Handout - 20 min

Go over a couple examples on How to Cite and using sources correctly.

3) Source Dumping Example - 20 min

I make students read aloud the Source Dumping Example. We discuss why this is not appropriate for the Hardin essay. I Outline and Propose a better structure for the Hardin essay.

4) Example Hardin Structure - 15 min

After reading the essays, many students will have a terrible organization. I use the Proposed Stucture as a starting point. I tell them that the following structure would best get them a B+. Then I go about recommending ways on changing it to flow better. For those who want an A paper, I ask them to come see me in office hours and recommend other ways to structure their paper.

5) Look Over 20 Sources - 15 min

Have them compare and contrast their sources. Have them weed out overlapping ones and combine them into one document and submit it as part of the weekly progress reports.

6) In-Class Office Hours - 1hr to 1.5 hrs

I usually give them the rest of the time to work on their group paper either in class or in the computer lab. In the mean-time, I also offer in-class office hours to explain to students my comments on their rough drafts. This gives an oppurtunity to the students who can't/won't come to your normal office hours.

Due Next Week: Nothing

I offer many office hours for the next week since many students come to me with 2nd and 3rd drafts.


Week 4

Week 4

Total Time: 1hr

1) Explain Ethical Case Study Assignment- 15min

Explain the Ethical Case Study with the aid of Ethical Case Study Handout. I motivate this talk with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID is used in many aspects in daily life. They are the little tags used in clothing/electronics/books to prevent theft. They are also used in warehouse tracking. Many warehouses tag their pallets with RFID tags. That way, a sensorless remote can produce a quick inventory count wirelessly. It is a much more efficient method than scanning a barcode. I many more examples such as keyless ignitions on cars, keyless entries in buildings, etc. I talk about a case study where Walmart & Gillete used RFID takes trigger a camera whenever certain deordant products were moved from the shelves. The camera was used to collect data on the demographics interested in that particular deodorant.

Using the Lecture 2 slides from Prof. Weltman's lecture, I let the students argue which ethics are being violated. (E.g. Rights ethics, duty ethics, virtue ethics, utilitarianism, pragmatism.) At least they should realize that a possible proposed solution would be regulation otherwise it may be a violation of Rights ethics. In this case, rights ethics would be the individuals' right to privacy.

2) Ethical Case Study - Problem Statement/Brainstorming - 20 min

Go over Ethical Case Study Problem Statement. Go over the exercise with them and reinforce concepts of Problem Statements. Ask them to turn in the brainstorming guide with their Rough Draft.

3) Group Paper Explanation - 10min

Explain the Group Paper with Team Project Handout (by Robert Chen).

4)Writing Skills Inventory & RAM Chart - 10 min

Go over Writing Skills Inventory & RAM Chart. I give them the rest of class to meet with their groups.

5) Collect Final Draft of Hardin Paper

a) Final Draft

b) Peer Reponse Draft

c) Rough Draft

6) Group Time/In-Class Office Hours- Rest of Class

Due Next Week: Ethical Case Study Rough Draft


Week 5

Week 5

Total Time: 1.5hr

1) Midquarter Evaluation - 10min

Perform Midquarter Evaluations.

2) Problem Statement Example - RFID - 15min

I give a poorly written RFID Problem Statement, and together as a class correct it.

3) Peer Editing - Reverse Outlining - 1hr

I use about 10 minutes to introduce them to Reverse Outlining. To spice things up, I ask the students to read the essays backwards starting from the conclusion so they aren't biased when filling in the Reverse Outlining Sheet. Make sure they count the number of paragraphs first, otherwise they may run out of room half way through.

4) Collect Ethical Case Study Rough Draft


Due Next Week: Nothing


Week 6

Week 6

Total Time: 50min

1) Return Ethical Case Study - Go Over Common Mistakes - 20min

2) Writing - Reverse Paramedic - 10min

Quickly go over the Reverse Paramedic handout to help with their peer editing and group research papers.

3) How to Write a Conclusion and Example - RFID - 20min

I usually give a handout on what to have in a conclusion. With that, I provide a poorly constructed conclusion about RFID.

4) In-Class Office Hours/Group Time

Allow for more time during the week for students coming in for 2nd/3rd drafts.

Due Next Week: Final Draft


Week 7

Week 7

Total Time: 40min

1) Checklist - Group Research Paper - 10min

Pass out a checklist

2) Oral Presentations - 10min

Go over guidelines for oral presentations (by Prof. Browne).

3) Incorporating Figures - Group Project - 10min

For their group research papers, it is important that they know to Incorporate figures.

4) Example of Bad Figure Use - 10min

Took an old group paper with horrible figures. Go through with class and pick out what's wrong with every figure inside the paper.

5) In-Class Office hours/Group Time

Due Next Week: Rough Draft of Individual Sections of Group Paper

This is completely optional. I feel that it is necessary for me to check on the students and make sure they are on the right track for the group paper. As a reward for putting up with the schedule, I offer to proofread their individual rough drafts. It is also a good way to tell who has been slacking off or if the group is going in the wrong direction.


Week 8

Week 8

Total Time: 40min

1) Breaking the Essay Apart - 10min

Go over Breaking an Essay Apart as a method for them to proofread their own work for the individual rough draft of group research paper.

2) Table of Contents/List of Figures - 10min

Show them how to create a List of Figures in Microsoft Word. Also, show them how to use Headings in Microsoft Word to easily create a Table of Contents.

3) Look Over Individual Rough Drafts - 20min

I usually quickly glance over their rough drafts in-class such as figures, headings, citations,etc. I take home the rough drafts to look over for grammar/organization and return the following week.

4) In-Class Office Hours/Group Time

Due Next Week: Rough Draft of Combined Group Paper

I usually ask for the table of contents as well, since it may provide a rough outline of the group paper.


Week 9

Week 9

Total Time: 45min

1) Common Issues - Group Paper - 15min

Go over common issues of the group research paper.

2) Look Over Combined Rough Draft - 30min

Look overall structure of their paper for organization/presentation.

2) In-Class Office Hours/Group Time

Due Next Week: Oral Presentation

For the day of the oral presentations, I give all students up to 6 minutes past the start of class to arrive. Otherwise, they are severely docked on participation.


Week 10

Week 10

Total Time: 2hr 50min

1) Oral Presentations

Evaluation Forms to grade the students. Many times, the classroom will not have a clock, so que cards are necessary.

2) Sappy Speech about being Ethical Engineers

3) Course Evalution


Contact Me

Contact Me

If you find any problems or if you have an comments feel free to e-mail me at:

herrick (at) ucla (dot) edu